Welcome to The Future of Tank Monitoring

Any Tank
TankOptix™ works with Any Application. Tank Trucks, Oil Wells, etc.
Utilizing Cellular Networks, Tanks Can Transmit Data From Anywhere.
Access your Tank Remotely 24/7 Through the TankOptix Cloud.
Any Device
Monitor your Tank with Any PC, Mac, Smart Phone, or Tablet.

What is


Our Sensor, Probe and Control Panel can be installed on any Tank, Anywhere. The Control Panel transmits your Tank’s information to the TankOptix Cloud™ and/or a Local Display.

TankOptix Cloud™ receives your data through a Cellular Network, and allows you to access all of your Tank’s information through any device with our easy to use dashboard.

Our full featured dashboard can be completely customized to your unique needs as well as branded with company logos and colors. Built for non-technical users in mind, our Cloud Services carry no learning curve and require no technical skill what-so-ever.

TankOptix® is a Hardware and Software based Tank Monitoring Solution.  Our State of The Art Dual Level-Sensing Equipment with Smart Technology allows you to read two liquid levels in a single Tank.  Our equipment enables precise, inexpensive and reliable continuous level measurement as well as point level detection in almost every liquid and most bulk solids – independent of process conditions. Changes in the chemical and physical properties of the measured substance do not affect the sensor. It has very few installation restrictions; especially its coaxial tube probe that is unaffected by nearby obstacles and can be mounted in high and narrow openings. 

Our Equipment is especially suitable for small tanks and installation in bypass pipes and stilling wells. It is suitable for all types of processing and storage applications and has an exceptional performance in liquids with low dielectric constant (i.e. low reflectivity) such as oils and hydrocarbons.

How Does
it Work?